We also make Electric Scale Models.


These electric models scale 1:2, are exclusive pieces of craftmanship that cannot be found in the market. This one is an exact replica of the famous Alfa Romeo P2 winner of the first World Championship in 1925 . A limited edition of fifteen cars was made.


v    Totally handmade with the same tecniques of its time.

v    Scale replica of the original chassis.

v      Front axle iron cast, rear axle aluminum cast.

v     Riveted aluminum body.

v     12 volt engine with reduction box to optimize performance.

v     Foward and backward movement.

v      Four wheel suspension.

v     Drum brakes in its 4 wheels.

v     Security system to protect the engine when braking.

v    90’ running battery approximately.

v     Aluminum and wooden steering wheel with Alfa Romeo’s badge.

v     All instruments on dashboard.

v    Adjustable windscreen

v     Spoke wheels with hubs and bolt on caps.

v     Throttle pedal with the engraving Alfa Romeo.

v    Leather upholstery.

v   Leather straps fastening the bonnet and Alfa Romeo’s badge on            radiator.